Grease Trap Installations Sydney

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Common Concerns Regarding Grease Trap Installation in Sydney

Installing the Grease Trap tank whether above or below the ground is only about 60% of the job completed when is comes to gaining the appropiate approvals from the local Water Authority and the Trade Waste Inspection Department.

Extras in relation to grease traps installation can be varied and many.

  1. Some of the grease trap extras involve the designing of the drainage and the venting system which is unique to grease trap installations.
  2. Trade Waste which is what the grease from your commercial kitchen is now classified as needs to be unable to contaminate the drinking water supply.  In this case the Australian Standards require that Water protection devices or what is called Backflow Prevention Devices are installed.  Most Businesses require 2 of these devices.
  3. Floor waste drainage components called Solid Basket Traps, Basket Traps or Brasket Strainers are also required.


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