Grease Trap Pump Repairs Sydney

Emergency Grease Trap Pump Repairs or Replacements

Warning. Disgusting Grease Trap Pit image below.
In many of these situations urgency is high on the agenda.  Loss of trade can be costly and you also don’t want too many people knowing that the drains have overflowed in the kitchen either.  We aim to be as quick as possible with our grease trap pump repairs and in the process keep your feet dry.
The grease trap pit image here is of a Cafe that was unable to trade while the water was overflowing in their kitchen. We quickly came out and found that the pump had died.  We have very quick access to excellent replacement pumps. So out with the old and in with the new grease trap pump. Bobs your uncle and they were up and running again and I even got lunch and a coffee.
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