Sydney Grease Trap Plumbing

Sydney Grease Trap Plumbing Installation Services We Offer

Whatever the reason. Sydney Water Notice, Damage or Collapsed Tank. We Can Help.

  • Repair Damaged or Collapsed Grease Trap Tanks or Pits
  • Replacement of Grease Traps that may be under sized or no longer meet Sydney Water Requirements
  • New Grease Trap Installations for New start ups
  • Corrective Grease Trap installs or response installations due to a Notice to Rectify from Sydney Water
  • Grease Trap Pump Station or Pit Pump Failures
  • Grease Trap Pump Replacements or Repairs

Professional Grease Trap Plumbers in Sydney


  • Long Reef Golf Club. 5000 Litre In-ground Grease Trap.  Future Proof
  • Pymble Golf Club. 2000 Litre In-ground Grease Trap. Increasing capacity of collapsed tank.
  • Liverpool Block of Small Restaurants & Cafes. 3000 Litre in-ground GT.
  • Pizza Hut Campbelltown. 3000 Litre in-ground.
  • Chat Thai Haymarket. 1500 Lt above ground
  • Pasteles Bakehouse Botany.  1000 litre in-ground for commercial bakery
  • Svens Pizza Cremorne and Bronte. 1000 litre in-ground grease traps
  • Coopers Arm Hotel Newtown.  Upgrade for the kitchen. Above ground 1500 Lt

Grease Trap Plumbing is not every plumbers cup of tea.  Especially in Sydney as many of the grease traps are old and in very difficult environments.  Therefore it is more an acquired taste you could say.  It's not always pleasant and it is very labour intensive.  Grease Trap plumbing is what we do none the less and we actually enjoy it.

We have installed grease traps in Sydney in so many different types of locations from one which was 3 stories about the kitchen in a Thai Restaurant to some underneath the front entrance door to the pizza shop. Other plumbing jobs with grease traps around Sydney have been installed in the courtyards a group of shops and the most common the the above ground grease trap variety which is installed behind the cafe, restaurant, bakery or butcher and connects into the sewer from above the ground and has a grease trap pump which pumps the kitchen drain water up to the inlet of the grease trap tank.  These are mainly around the 1000 litre to 1500 lt sizes generally.

Sydney Pump Repair Grease Trap or Sewerage Pump Station Replacement Repair

The plumbing nature of grease trap plumbing is quiet extensive.  We get inspected by Sydney Water and we also have the Department of Fair Trading inspect our plumbers have done it right.  We are very happy with this arrangement as it keeps us on our toes so to speak and compiling with the plumbing code and regulations.  We always have passed all of our inspections.

Grease Trap Sydney Randwick Bonte Eastern Suburbs 1000 In and Above Ground
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